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reSpeak was developed by automation engineers to manage your video production workflows, whether you are using full AI automation or managing a team of coworkers and professionals.

Discover reSpeak

reSpeak is the perfect way to translate your video content for global audiences! Designed for both technical and non-technical people, reSpeak transcribes your original video into any of 65 languages and then exports the translations using an AI voice of your choice.


Video Production Automation

reSpeak takes you through each phase of the video production process, from pre-production through distribution. Distribute localized versions of your videos in minutes, not hours or days.

Reach the World!


AI Automation

reSpeak transcribes, translates, creates subtitle and spoken audio tracks, then distributes your video to your targeted social media outlets.

Fast, inexpensive, good quality


Interactive Workflows

reSpeak allows you and your team to participate in each phase of the workflow.

Fast, inexpensive, better quality



reSpeak engages your chosen professional at each phase of the workflow, from pre-production, transcription and translation, audio generation, and post-production – delivering highly-polished output.

Automated, professional, best quality.

The Workflow that Works.


reSpeak is designed to reduce the amount of time and money it takes to localize your video content, making it easy and automated to expand your audience globally.



  • Transcription, Translation, and Speech in 50+ different languages
  • API Access
  • Zoom, Zapier, and Pipedream integrations
  • Unlimited social distribution
  • 1 credit per minute of transcription, translation, or speech generation
  • 1 credit per 15 minutes of video assembly


Everything in Free, plus
  • 200 credits included monthly + 10% bonus on credit purchases
  • reSpeak watermark optional
  • Open AI grammar correction (When available)



Everything in Creator, plus
  • 500 credits included monthly + 10% bonus on credit purchases
  • Pre- and Post- production phases
  • Team notifications
  • reVoice AI voice training (when available)



Everything in Team, plus
  • 500 credits included monthly + 25% bonus on credit purchases
  • Professional services available (priced by provider)

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