AI Speech

With your content transcribed and translated, reSpeak will take that translation and re-insert it into your video content to generate subtitles. But what about speech? AI Speech is another tool that reSpeak has in its arsenal that will take the translated text and ‘speak’ it for you in your content.

What is AI Speech?

AI Speech is a form of text-to-speech (TTS). AI Speech takes AI Transcriptions or Translations and converts them back into audible speech. This can be computer-synthesized speech that sounds like a computer or an AI-generated speech synthesis that sounds like a real human voice.

This is the third step in the process to get your content localized to other international markets thereby expanding your audience globally!

reSpeak offers over 85 voices to speak your translated content for your chosen languages.

And coming soon is reVoice training. reVoice is reSpeak’s answer to ‘Your video, in your voice.’ Simply train the reSpeak AI with your voice, and you can speak your translated content in your voice – thereby enhancing your brand, so people in other countries know what you actually sound like!

Get started now and see how easy it is to ‘Reach the World’ with your content!