AI Transcription

Artificial Intelligence and associated technologies have transformed many manual tasks into automated ones. AI is helping businesses and professionals save much-needed time, resources, and budgets.

For years, content was transcribed into other languages by humans. Although highly accurate, human transcription takes a lot of time and money. Getting content ready to share with the world localized to many markets could take weeks to months for quality transcription. To make things worse, by the time your content is localized, it may not be timely or relevant anymore.

Automated Transcription is based on speech-to-text technology that replaces the need for the slower and more expensive manual transcription process. It relies on Machine Intelligence based on AI to do the transcriptions.

reSpeak AI uses Automated Transcription as part of its workflow to turn your video dialog into text so it is ready for the next step of the automation process: Translation.

How accurate is the AI Transcription?

AI continues to improve daily. Is it perfect? Close, but not quite… AI is still ‘learning’ the subtleties of cultural and gender emphasis, which can sometimes result in an imperfect translation. That is why reSpeak has a review step in its workflow where you can ‘QA’ the transcription for accuracy before going to the next phase: AI Translation.