AI Translation

Artificial intelligence uses machine learning to allow machines to carry out tasks without needing a human. A natural use of this technology is translation. For years, the task of translating or localizing content was done manually by a human that was fluent in the languages needing translation. This was often a very lengthy and costly process.

With the advent of AI and AI Translation, it is now easy to translate to other languages in seconds and vastly cheaper than the manual process. reSpeak AI uses state-of-the-art AI translation as part of its innovative workflow to get your content localized to your target markets. reSpeak takes your transcribed text output from your video content and then simply applies machine learning to the target languages, and wah-lah! Localized content!

Localized content is often more effective in reaching a specific target audience. With globalization and digitalization constantly changing the way we communicate, it’s more important than ever to communicate with your clients or customers so that they can properly engage with what you have to offer.

The result? Better tailored translations for expanding markets!

This is great, but what are the drawbacks?

Like most anything else, AI Translation is not perfect. It may be better than ever, but there are still subtle issues that you should plan for.

Cultural differences – AI translation is extremely accurate; however, the major weakness is a deep knowledge of local cultures, gender, etc. Translations can still be misleading or possibly even offensive to local people… AI still has an issue with humor, tone, etc., in content. That is why reSpeak has inserted a review phase at this stage so it can be quickly reviewed by a translator.

Complexity – Great content is clear and easy to understand. However, some content HAS to be complex, such as technical manuals, research papers, etc. AI tools can struggle with this to get it just right. It’s recommended to keep it simple when using AI translation. Once this process is complete – use AI Speech to speak the translations.